A Charity Group in Sheffield Providing Support for Bowel Cancer Patients

Donate to our charity group in Sheffield and make a difference in the lives of those diagnosed with bowel cancer. The focus of our group is to support people whose lives have been affected by bowel cancer; this may be someone diagnosed with cancer or the carer of someone living with the disease. Through providing discussion groups, meetings, and fundraising events, we give people the opportunity to meet others going through the same experiences as themselves, and we also provide support and advice. To help us in our mission, please donate to our group. All proceeds go directly to our group, no member receives any monetary return for their work.

So How Do You Get Involved?

There are many ways of how you can be involved in our mission to support those living with cancer; you can either become a member of our charity, participate in one of our events, or donate.

How to Donate

Please send your donation by cheque to the address shown below or leave a donation at one of our meetings. Cheques should be made payable to 'Sheffield Bowel Cancer Support Group'.

We Need Your Help

Every second month we hold meetings for patients and carers who need help and advice. We need funds to cover the costs of room hire, refreshments, and other Group events. All funds raised go directly to our costs and our bank reserve. Our volunteers receive no payments.

"Every Penny Counts. Everybody matters. No one should have to face cancer alone"

Donation Address

Please send your donations here:

Sheffield Bowel Cancer Support
c/o Amberside Energy Ltd
9 Amberside House
Wood Lane
Hemel Hempstead

 Contact our volunteers at our bowel cancer charity support group in Sheffield for information on our work, and how you can be involved.