Our group offers support for bowel cancer patients and their carers. Organising meetings and discussion groups, we arrange for health professionals to give talks on all aspects of bowel cancer including diet, exercise, stress, and well-being. Many of our current and past group members have found attending our meetings and discussion groups beneficial as they have learnt from the information provided by healthcare speakers, and they have also been able to relate to the stories shared by patients. Moreover, we believe that it is important to provide factual information, while also making sure that you understand that you are never alone on this journey.

Share Your Story

At the meetings, members of all ages gather, thus giving you the opportunity to speak to someone who has also been through a similar experience to yourself. We know how reassuring and helpful this can be. You will also discover how much easier it is to talk about your problems with someone who can fully understand and relate.

Guest Speakers

Holding meetings at The Central United Reformed Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, we invite specialist speakers with expert knowledge and experience in Colorectal Cancer to talk to patients and their carers.

 Contact our volunteers at our cancer support group in Sheffield to become a member of our organisation.